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Chengdu Volunteer Media Platform is a state of the art and professional managing and communicating media platform of volunteers founded by the Chengdu Evening News and guided by the Chengdu civilization office. It publishes all sorts of information by minute, hour, day and month through Weibo, websites, newspapers and magazines of the Chengdu Volunteers. The platform was run by modern international standards to ensure the professional and standardized management, and to integrate Internet media, traditional media and professional journals. The goal is to make it a one of a kind and cutting-edge platform for the dispatch, administration and publicity of the volunteers, and to target the right group accurately.

1.One minute: Official Weibo of Chengdu Volunteer

The official Weibo of Chengdu Volunteer is specialized in publishing news feeds and spreading the culture of volunteering through Weibo, a new form of media which is faster, wider and more interactive. It is a great way of reaching out to the whole country and the whole world.

2.One Hour: CDVolunteer.org

The website of Chengdu volunteer (cdvolunteer.org) will be built under international standards to obtain its domestic influence. Not only will it be an administrating platform for the managing of volunteers all over the city, but also a modern and international promotion platform of Chengdu volunteers.

3. One day: Chengdu Evening News, Volunteer section

Chengdu Evening News has opened the very first volunteer section---Chengdu Volunteer---under the guidance of the civilization office of Chengdu. It now plays a regular promotion platform of volunteers in Chengdu with 5 to 10 pages every week to show the whole picture of Chengdu volunteer work, including policy, information, project, events, personage and story. Outstanding examples of volunteer services are specially featured to attract more attention and win its reputation.

4. One month: Chengdu Volunteer magazine (bilingual)

In August 2012, the trial issue of Chengdu Volunteer was released. It is responsible for assembling volunteer teams and showing their works as well as their thoughts. The coverage is from communities, commercial and residential buildings, public places, bus stations, airport, companies, 500 fortune enterprises, to high-end office buildings, aiming at becoming the top volunteer magazine in the country with international reputation, also a cultural model of the innovative volunteer work and social administration of Chengdu.

Chengdu Volunteer Media Platform
Love sanitation function
They use their own hands, for the city's clean quiet dedication; three nine cold frost, fog, never stop their steps. We often hang in the mouth of the warm, remember to share with them? In fact, love is very simple, a caring love, can let them laugh!
The charm of Chengdu I output
Water is the Source of Life, water is the source of happiness. Human living by the water, in the blue waves River port, fortification. City born of water, promote because of water. Up from Chengdu, dozens of kilometers, is the Pixian city drinking water source in Chengdu, Chengdu city more than 90% water supply from here, the water environment, and is closely related to every citizen.
Chengdu volunteers help the effort
Clock tower is a ray of light in Lushan station clock to eight two, Lushan River from the station under the bridge and a whimper.
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