Neighborhood Help Out

Neighborhood Help Out
Date: January 17th, 2014

Location: Xinhua community square

The Warm Taste Of Spring Festival In The Community

January 17th, the atmosphere on the Xinhua community square was vivid and harmonious. It was where the project of Neighborhood Help Out began at. Volunteers brought the festival to the residents days earlier by writing scrolls, helping to book tickets, and fulfilling wishes. Meanwhile, a proposal was made to form the association of caring business owners and community volunteer team, in the expectation of serving the community and the residents. It is said that this project will be carried out regularly in communities all over the city in hope of the establishment of a new relation among people live in the same community, which is mutual caring, mutual helping and mutual trust.

“Caring for each other makes the community warm, and looking after for each other makes it civilized” The volunteers worked very hard around the service points including hair-cutting and medical consult provided by the caring business owners. The residents waited patiently in the line to get the services. The ticket-booking place received several consultations made by the residents about booking and complaining. Beside all the services, a proposal of neighborhood helping out was announced as well. Volunteer teams were formed for the caring of the elders, the migrant workers and their children and the handicapped, looking forward to serve the community in long-term. The recruitment started therewith. By the year of 2014, the project will become a regular one in every communities of the city. It is aimed to bring the warmness and blessings if the spring festival to the doors of the residents, to make the festival a lively and happy one. The on-site proposal is to encourage people to start caring for everyone around and everything daily, to participate in the project and to build a new kind of relation based on mutual helping and trust.


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Love sanitation function
They use their own hands, for the city's clean quiet dedication; three nine cold frost, fog, never stop their steps. We often hang in the mouth of the warm, remember to share with them? In fact, love is very simple, a caring love, can let them laugh!
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Water is the Source of Life, water is the source of happiness. Human living by the water, in the blue waves River port, fortification. City born of water, promote because of water. Up from Chengdu, dozens of kilometers, is the Pixian city drinking water source in Chengdu, Chengdu city more than 90% water supply from here, the water environment, and is closely related to every citizen.
Chengdu volunteers help the effort
Clock tower is a ray of light in Lushan station clock to eight two, Lushan River from the station under the bridge and a whimper.
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