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In the spirit of passing on good energy by sharing positive stories, on November 9th, Sichuan Charity Federation authorized Chengdu Volunteer Media Platform to launch the Rainbow Project. Funded by the Rainbow Group with 100 thousand yuan as the Special Fund For The Children Suffered From Lushan Earthquake Of April 20th, the financial base was set for three of the rainbow reading corners in Lushan County to make the children’s dream of reading come true. The project started unnoticed but then received great attention from medias in the whole country, which made it an impact on certain level.

1.55 days of preparation to ensure its success

In order to make sure the quality of the project, that is to help the children from the disaster area in the way they really needed, considerable works had been done for preparation.

Chengdu Volunteer Media Platform has been working with the volunteer workers in Lushan to collect information of schools. Due to the redundancy of supplies most of the schools had stopped accepting them. And the Education Department of Lushan has been ration out books to shools. Given the circumstances, the main field was switched to Boshan County, which was seriously destroyed in the earthquake as well. However, after a through survey, the three locations of the reading corner were still undecided. Finally, Lushan County was chosen.

With the help from the Education Department of Lushan, the three places were finally decided in early Novemvber: First primary shools of Siyan, Luyang primary school and the refuge community in the gymnasium.

After choosing the three places, the platform started the purchase and arrangement immediately. On November 20th, all the preparation works were completed hence started the final operation. These two months of preparation has ensured the final success and good results.

2. A well-organized Execution to guarantee the benefits of the 2432 children

On November 20th, volunteers of the platform and a third party supervision group of the fund, along with medias from all over the province set out to Lushan with nearly 6000 books, 36 book shelves, 40 chairs, 8 desks and one computer.

Their arrival were warmly welcomed by the schools and public benefit activists. They helped with the categorization and organization of the books. On November 21st, three reading corners were opened to 2432 local children. The majority of books in the category are children’s books and stories.

3. State media reports spread the positive energy from Chengdu

This project also attracted Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Sichuan Daily ect. The Xinhua News Agency published a report titled Opening of Rainbow Reading Corner in Lushan on November 31st. The People’s Daily published an article named A Surprising Rreading Ccorner to Lushan Children on its culture section on the 22nd. The article covered pictures and stories of the opening, and called the reading corners “abundant enrichment of reading resources for the children in Lushan disaster area”. The Guangming Daily covered a front page titled Come and pick books, featured with pictures of the children picking out their favorite books. Other medias such as China Education Daily, Sichuan Daily also published detailed reports on this project, along with websites like Xinhua,, China News, Sina, and Tencent. The storied of Rainbow Reading Corner and the volunteers were spread to reader all over the country. We believe that with the growing reputation of the project, more and more enthusiastic people will participate in and do their bits to help the children in Lushan disaster area.

Chengdu Volunteer Media Platform
Love sanitation function
They use their own hands, for the city's clean quiet dedication; three nine cold frost, fog, never stop their steps. We often hang in the mouth of the warm, remember to share with them? In fact, love is very simple, a caring love, can let them laugh!
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Water is the Source of Life, water is the source of happiness. Human living by the water, in the blue waves River port, fortification. City born of water, promote because of water. Up from Chengdu, dozens of kilometers, is the Pixian city drinking water source in Chengdu, Chengdu city more than 90% water supply from here, the water environment, and is closely related to every citizen.
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Clock tower is a ray of light in Lushan station clock to eight two, Lushan River from the station under the bridge and a whimper.
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