Sichuan Volunteers, Make Dreams Come True. The First Volunteer Service Exhibition And Exchange Of Sichuan

The first Volunteer Service Exhibition of Sichuan was held at the community square of Changshouyuan, Wuhou distract, Chengdu on December 5th. Volunteer projects such as Salute to the Golden Wedding Couples,A Good Lesson From A Great Teacher” were commended as part of Top Ten Volunteer Project of the Year, Top Ten Community Volunteer Organizations of Sichuan, Top Ten Volunteer of the Year of Sichuan and Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Award of Sichuan Volunteer Service.

Sichuan started the nomination of Provincial Volunteer Service of the Year on December 2013, including Top Ten Volunteer Project of the Year, Top Ten Community Volunteer Organizations and Top Ten Volunteers of the Year, in the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to promote the idea of volunteer service, which is to improve oneself by making contributions.

The final votes of the nominees were combined by Internet votes and judge votes each by 30% and 70%. The public voted on 30 volunteer projects, 30 volunteer organizations and 30 volunteers on the Internet from November 11th to 24th. There were 2235373 votes in total, including 741894 on the Top Ten Volunteer Project, 741894 votes on Top Ten Community Volunteer Organizations and 746804 votes on Top Ten Volunteers. A committee composed of provincial government sections, model departments, outstanding volunteers and medias did a vote as well. And finally all the prizes went to their winners.

Chengdu Volunteer Media Platform
Love sanitation function
They use their own hands, for the city's clean quiet dedication; three nine cold frost, fog, never stop their steps. We often hang in the mouth of the warm, remember to share with them? In fact, love is very simple, a caring love, can let them laugh!
The charm of Chengdu I output
Water is the Source of Life, water is the source of happiness. Human living by the water, in the blue waves River port, fortification. City born of water, promote because of water. Up from Chengdu, dozens of kilometers, is the Pixian city drinking water source in Chengdu, Chengdu city more than 90% water supply from here, the water environment, and is closely related to every citizen.
Chengdu volunteers help the effort
Clock tower is a ray of light in Lushan station clock to eight two, Lushan River from the station under the bridge and a whimper.
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